Retention of value in communities through the strategic development of life cycle planning, life cycle analysis and R&D through local sustainable end of life closed waste loop solutions.

Building Prosperity, Delivering Future, Enabling Commonwealth

A passion for the future

We are Leading Innovators and Providers of End of Life Closed Loop Local Waste Solutions, which is why you can trust us to deliver the Welsh, Irish, Scottish and English (WISE) strategy creating economic and environmental sustainability.


  • zero-waste2landfill
  • waste2resource
  • waste2energy

A Philosophy

We believe in changing attitudes regarding the use of
our planets resources and eradicating landfill.

From waste2wealth
It is possible to reuse, recycle and reduce the amount of
waste we generate and convert it into a wealth generation
Zero waste2landfill
An End of Life Closed Loop Philosophy

The financial rewards from this can then be reinvested into:

  • Community Projects
  • Training
  • Apprenticeships
  • Educational Research and development
  • Innovation
  • Employment
  • School projects

And so much more…

Its simple really…

A private company submits a project for review. If the project ticks all the right boxes we can then support it by:

  • Generating private and public sector funding
  • Providing expertise and resources
  • Research and Development
  • Manufacturing and marketing

When our company starts to generate revenue from the success of a project, a small percentage of profit is invested back in to Land Phil helping to create economic and environmental sustainability locally.

Community Social Responsibility